Sun State of Mind

“Inspiring music and sunshine vibrations from Vienna”

With their songs they want to share good vibes and their passion for music.

“It’s out there for every one!”

Both of them had a long way through different music styles. In their past no genre stayed untouched: From Punk to Jazz, from Rock to D&B, from Hardcore to Soul. Started at the end of 2017, they combined all of this to something they call Psychedelic Pop Soul”.


So far they changed from a classic Singer-Songwriter-Duo to an experimental Double-Loop-Station-Multi-Instrumental-Band. By now they have multiple guitars, a piano, backing vocals, percussion elements and much more in their live performances. Also their own songs are not categorizable in a single genre. Their “Psychedelic Pop Soul” has something for every music lover!

Psychedelic Pop Soul

Sun State of Mind are now touring with their new Album through Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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